Escape the Application Tracking System Trap

All large companies use special software Application Tracking System. Often, your resume does not even get to the recruiter, as they do not pass the formal requirements. We know how to increase the chance that your resume will reach the right recruiter.

Land a Nursing Job, Fast.

A Finely-Tuned, D-I-Y Nursing Resume

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Nurse Assistant (CNA)

Geriatric (LTC)

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Medical Assistant (CMA)

Operating Room (OR)

Director of Nursing

The first impression is everything

Online NCLEX prep

When a recruiter only looks at your resume for 6 seconds before deciding YES or NO, your resume’s design counts.

A professionally designed, easy-to-read resume gives the right impression, and lets your achievements shine.

NCLEX Online Review

BONUS: Learn EXACTLY how to stand out. 

Each resume comes with a FREE 50 page PDF packed with the crucial advice you need to stand out in 2021.

Important advice that has helped over 10,000 nurses land jobs, FAST.

Job searching is stressful. Are you worried about..

Losing your job?

The amount of time it will take you to find a new job?

Not knowing how to make your resume sound interesting?

Passing the first screening and getting your resume seen by a real person?


Interview-Ready Resume


ATS Friendly Resume Template for Word, Pages, Google Docs Resume Template

Pass through the ATS like a breeze with this modern yet completely ATS Compatible resume template.


Job searching is hard work. You have to know where and how to look for jobs, write a dynamic resume, understand applicant tracking systems (ATS), create a powerful LinkedIn profile, network effectively, charm your way to an interview, ace the interview, and seal the deal with a wonderful job offer.

All while dealing with challenges—from job-hopping and unemployment to age discrimination, career changes, over/under-qualified, and more.

That’s why Brilliant Nurse is here. We live to create interview-generating resumes for nurses national. We take one of the most confusing elements of the job search and make it a piece of cake for you.

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In 2011, We launched Brilliant Nurse in Houston, Texas, a Nurse and allied Healthcare career company serving professionals across the country. Our team and I have since helped thousands of clients all over the globe get noticed, get interviewed, and get hired.

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Brilliant Nurse is really about you. We tell your story. We help define your brand so your resume gains traction in the healthcare job marketplace. Make your life easier—hand over the task to us.

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