Ultimate Guide: 60 NCLEX Strategies to Use in Answering Questions (2017 UPDATE: Revised for 2017 ( Includes New Practice Questions)



NCLEX Strategies: In a standard four-answer NCLEX multiple-choice question, if you can systematically eliminate false answers, you can reduce the four-answer question to a two-answer one and thereby make your chances as good as those in the true-false type of question; that is, the odds will favor your guessing half of the answers correctly.


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Other questions will ask you to “select all that apply” from five to seven options by clicking in the correct boxes to select the answers (multipleresponse questions). In the alternate items, you may see charts and tables, or you may find pictures and graphs requiring identification of a correct location (“hot spot”) by either point-and-click or fill-in-the-blank.

In the items requiring a calculation, determine which numbers are needed to figure out the correct numerical answer and use the drop-down calculator to fill in the blank. Another alternate item is the “drag and drop–ordered” response, in which you are asked to arrange all the correct responses in priority order: identify action or factor that you think should be first, then identify which should be last.

We think that the following NCLEX Strategies will assist you to narrow down your choices systematically and intelligently:-


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