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What is NCLEX?

The National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN exam) has only one purpose, and it is to determine if you have the sufficient critical thinking skills to give safe and effective nursing care as an entry-level nurse.

While you might be fed up with knowledge-based school exams, NCLEX-RN exams take everything up a notch with alternate question types based on real life situations that nurses encounter.

Apart from this, NCLEX utilizes Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) to determine your nursing competency level.

Sounds like a challenging feat? In 2017, 72.11% of aspiring nurses passed the NCLEX RN exam. If they did it, then so can you!

Take the best NCLEX RN Review Programs. A well-chosen NCLEX RN review course can open the gateway towards your nursing career.

Brilliant Nurse Test Prep and NCLEX RN Review Courses provide effective and efficient practice tests and content guidelines for you to master the NCLEX-RN exam.

Why Choose Brilliant Nurse NCLEX Test Prep Course

Getting ready for the NCLEX exam is a necessary task that you must focus on, especially as the exam date is fast-approaching.

Brilliant Nurse NCLEX Review learning paths are designed with several purposes in mind. It is foremost a review and remediation track for students who are about to take the National Council Licensure Examination-RN (NCLEX-RN®; National Council of State Boards of Nursing.)

Brilliant Nurse Nursing Board Review is also a unique case study path for instructors to assign to students throughout their course of undergraduate study for the purposes of

  1. assisting faculty in delivering content in an innovative format,
  2. assisting RN candidates pass The NCLEX license exam
  3. assisting students in understanding the nature of clinical thinking, and
  4. use in simulation environments.

The philosophy of our review is to engage students in active learning using NCLEX-RN practice question assignments, detailed answer rationales and clear case studies to have the readiness needed on exam day.

The use of the concise case studies moves health care provider education from fact-based lecturing to situation-based discussion and decision making as a person’s condition or situation changes. Use of the unfolding case facilitates collaborative learning, covers necessary content, and assists students to think beyond the facts and use their clinical imagination. Unfolding case studies require students to begin to grasp the nature of a clinical situation and adjust interventions as the clinical situation unfolds.

In this way, unfolding case studies closely mimic real-life situations in nursing practice and are important situational mental models that are useful in assisting students to problem solve and to actively engage in and use critical-thinking techniques.

Unlike other NCLEX-RN preparation programs that expect students to answer question after unrelated question, this comprehensive exam prep approach builds content into the case scenarios alongside pinpoint practice questions, thereby engaging students in the process of having to consider an evolving, and perhaps increasingly complex, clinical situation before answering each question.

As you, the student, graduate or NCLEX candidate, work and twist your mind through the NCLEX case studies, you will begin to envision being a practicing registered nurse who is actively problem solving and “thinking like a nurse.” Adopting this method of thinking will assist you in developing clinical-thinking skills that are important for NCLEX-RN success in assessment, planning, intervention, and evaluation of patient care. The patient care content areas that are essential to master for NCLEX-RN success—safe and effective care, health promotion, and physiological and psychological integrity—are interwoven throughout.

After a thorough analysis in providing you the difference between self-study and online NCLEX RN Review Courses, it’s now clear which of the two you will choose. A hybrid (self study and curated NCLEX curriculum) is best to cover all exam prep bases, we believe.

Start today and discover why Brilliant Nurse has the best NCLEX RN review courses online for exam takers. Looking for The Best Nursing Affiliate Program? Join our revenue share partner program for NCLEX Review Programs. More nursing jobs can be found here.