What is NCLEX?

The National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN exam) has only one purpose, and it is to determine if you have the sufficient critical thinking skills to give safe and effective nursing care as an entry-level nurse.

While you might be fed up with knowledge-based school exams, NCLEX-RN exams take everything up a notch with alternate question types based on real life situations that nurses encounter.

Apart from this, NCLEX utilizes Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) to determine your nursing competency level.

Sounds like a challenging feat? In 2017, 72.11% of aspiring nurses passed the NCLEX RN exam. If they did it, then so can you!

Take the best NCLEX RN Review Programs. A well-chosen NCLEX RN review course can open the gateway towards your nursing career.

Brilliant Nurse Test Prep and NCLEX RN Review Courses provide effective and efficient practice tests and content guidelines for you to master the NCLEX-RN exam.


Why Choose Brilliant Nurse NCLEX Test Prep Course

Getting ready for the NCLEX exam is something you must focus, especially when the exam date is fast-approaching.

Some students prefer to conduct self-study for they believe that the traditional method of reviewing is cheaper and way too effective.

Hence, we have identified the differences when you choose to self-study or prefer to take online NCLEX RN Review Courses.

When you do self-study, here are some of the things that will happen:

  • You have to stay inside the university’s library just to self-study whereas; you cannot control the noise of other people around you.
  • You might get distracted; it turns out that you were only able to review some quick notes.  
  • You have to purchase any beverages when you prefer to study in a coffee shop just to review with a bunch of books.
  • In this case, purchasing some goods in a café for almost everyday while reviewing for the exam will just cost you more than you expect.
  • Old books do not necessarily cover up everything you need, there are instances during the NCLEX exam that not all facts on the old books are included.

Meanwhile, when you prefer to take online NCLEX Review Courses, here are the advantages:

  • You can do a part-time job while taking online NCLEX Review Courses, in this way you can earn the amount of money you have spent on the course.
  • You can prepare for the exam through NCLEX Review Courses and enjoy easy access through your mobile phone everywhere you go.
  • If you’re the type of person who’s always busy all the time to make ends meet, you will now learn the art of time management when you take online NCLEX Review Courses.
  • If you really want to pass the exam, you have to allot time to review through the use of your mobile phone.

After a thorough analyzation in providing you the difference between self-study and online NCLEX RN Review Courses, it’s now in your hands which of the two you will choose.

Start today and discover why Brilliant Nurse has the best NCLEX RN review courses online for exam takers.

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